digital care card

thank you for your order and for supporting cubby! in an effort to reduce waste, i’ve prepared this digital care card for you :)


K E E P I N G  C L E A N

preferred method is to hand-wash and spot clean in the sink with soap and lukewarm water. turn lining out and hang-dry. if you must machine-wash, please place your bag (inside-out) in a garment bag and run on a delicate cycle, in cold water with mild detergent. turn lining out and hang to dry.


K E E P I N G  S A F E

please keep velcro FAR away from your bag at all times. velcro is the basilisk of towels.


S T A Y  I N  T O U C H

i would love to see your bag in action ! tag me in your pics & stories, and use the hashtag #InMyCubby

let’s chat ! dm me, or email me at